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Update: May 2021




Depicting life with image and sound

Videos and webcasts:

Decisive impact factors for


  • Image care, Public Relations

  • Advertising, sales promotion

  • Trade show presentations

  • Staff and customer training

  • Staff motivation


We design, plan and produce any kind of videos.

First things first

We are very cost-effective: a lean one-man-production, with Urs Emmenegger as planner, author, cameraman and editor, is available from CHF 1'000.
However, each job is a prototype. Corporate videos that call for international shooting, camera crews, complex lighting, aerial shots, props etc. may cost tens or even hundreds of thousands.

We provide an optimal solution on any budget.

Video is authentic and flexible

Linear playback in front of an audience, integration into PowerPoint presentations, individual viewing on desktop or laptop computers, in one piece or structured chapter-wise, no matter: video is flexible in both creation and use.

Our philosophy: the medium's most important impact aspect is plausibility.


Storage media, Intranet and Internet

Today's DVD's or BlueRay disks or video files like Quicktime, Flash, Windows Media etc. allow for easy functional content structuring, addressing different target audiences and publishing the whole production, or parts, on the web or an intranet. To produce a video has never been more worthwhile.


Events: documentation ... live ... oder webcam?

Video is gaining importance for media conferences, product launches or incentive events – be it a single or multi-camera production, be it an integral recording or a short version for later distribution, be it a live-cast over the internet or intranet..
In certain circumstances, the installation of a webcam may be an adequate solution.

We like to take responsibiliy for entire projects.
But we also contribute our expertise to parts.