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Update: May 2021

Urs Emmenegger's professional background


«Urs Emmenegger – from Karussell to RTV»
A look back at the time from the 70s to the 90s

Video archive RTV Medien GmbH (4:50 Min.)
only available in German




«Karussell celebrates its 500th broadcast»
With slip-ups and mishaps, a special weather forecast and an international act at the end. ["Karussell" February 27, 1981].

Video archive SRF (5:03 Min.)
only available in German

Urs Emmenegger

  • Born 1946, both parents are journalists.
  • Studies in history at Zurich University; journalist for print media.
  • From 1977 co-founder, reporter, producer and presenter of Swiss Television's renowned and somewhat revolutionary current affairs magazine «Karussell».
  • Result: lots of fans and frriends as well as a host of experience in audiovisual communication as well as know-how regarding its impact.
  • From 1984 application of said know-how in English at «Channel O» in Sydney, Australia. Result: similar. Plus a second home.
  • In 1987, back in Switzerland, carreer launch in commercial video with Urs Emmenegger Productions. Result: happy clients.
  • From 1992 launch and development of Zurich's first local television station with a professional ambition. Result: business failure due to shaky capital basis, but successful making of two dozens of young media professionals who work sucessfully to this day, albeit for different employers.
  • From 1996 re-launch of purely commercial activities in all fields of media production.


On grounds of wide experience:

Your partner in

  • conception and production of corporate video and TV
  • event stage and video direction and documentation
  • media and behavioral training on camera
  • writing and editing of print productions in public relations and corporate print and intranet communications.