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Update: May 2021

In-house Communication



Information, motivation, team spirit

Modern enterprises have known for quite some time that reliable and true information as well as periodic stimulating events contribute to the workforce's good mood and motivation.
They further the feeling to belong, the team spirit, the identification with the company and its objectives. They also become part of an individual and distinctive corporate culture.

We have been successfully committed to projects in this field quite a few times.


For our part in the classical form of print magazines please go to «Print productions».


A rather new but already classic instrument is the intranet. It allows the dispatch of current or even urgent information outside a periodical's publication rhythm. It also offers the opportunity to do this in the form of a video message or report.

Some icing on the cake

A staff party zu celebrate an outstandingly good collective performance? Or a christmas event? Or a traditional sports tournament? Or a special series of events to celebrate a company anniversary?

To have it all documented is almost as important as having it at all. In German, there is a suitable saying: «Do something good and let people know about it». Such documents will add up to valuable assets of a rich corporate history.