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Update: July 2019

Media and behavioral training


Do you present yourself well enough?

You want to

  • represent well

  • formulate succinctly

  • reason clearly

  • convcince

It's an agreeable goal in any situation, be it with the media, in front of an audience, in meetings, in job interviews. We train you!

Management ...

Appearances on television and radio are rather commonplace for top management. And ever since there are local radio and TV stations, midddle mamagement is increasingly called upon to express their views on current or even touchy topics in front of a camera or microphone.

Seize the opportunity to get your company some positive media coverage! We train you.


... and ordinary people


Media training is also behavioral training. Recording and replaying the exercises makes most people say something like «Wow! That's me?». Nearly everybody goes through the notion to realize that they act, speak or move quite differently from what they had thought.

What you get conscious of you can act on. In training you correct errors or improvables step by step. It's quite amazing how effectivly you can improve on your dialogue and reasoning skills while gaining self-assuredness at the same time.

We train you for all conceivable situations.
You will actually see the difference.